Katadyn MyBottle Filter Bottle

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  • 3-stage purification eliminates viruses, bacteria and protozoa utilizing a carbon filter, glass fiber cyst cartridge and a ViruStat iodinated resin cartridge.
  • The water purifier has a carbon pre- and post-filter to improve taste.
  • Food-grade PE plastic bottle,100% BPA free, holds 24 fl. oz. (0.71 litres) of water after displacement of the purifier.
  • The cartridge can removed to use the Katadyn MyBottle as a standard water bottle when purification isn't required.
  • Fits in bike bottle holders, most waistbelt bottle carriers and the integrated cap loop allows it to be clipped onto a backpack with any carabiner.
  • Replaceable purifier cartridge is rated for 155 uses (40 gallons or 150 litres).
Cambodia Clean Water Campaign:
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